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Trade your mix cds' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Trade your mix cds

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8tracks [

November 15th, 2010 2:22 pm


Do any of my mixtaping friends use 8tracks? I just set up an account over there, and would love some followers / to follow other people. Find me here! I'm probably late to the 8tracks party, but i have lots of playlists. looking forward to posting them.

Some of the music you will find:

i saw some ordinary slaughter and routine atrocity
I saw some ordinary slaughter and routine atrocity
- Dark, Sunday morning music. Make of it what you will.
(Includes, Goldfrapp, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, April Smith & The Great Picture Show)

 ships are fallible, I say, and the nautical, like all things, fade.
Ships are fabilbe, I say, and the nautical, like all things, fade
- I have always enjoyed seaside places and nautical themes. This is the second incarnation of this playlist, which I first put together almost two years ago.
(Includes: The Go-Betweens, Belle & Seastian, The Handsome Family)

If posting like this isn't allowed, let me know, and I will quickly remove.

Trade! [

September 26th, 2008 4:32 pm


Anyone and everyone! Let's trade mix cds!

Johnee Kemper
PO Box 921
Claypool, AZ 85532


July 28th, 2007 10:04 pm


First post! The person who gets the most people to join gets an awesome package from me (including mix cds and other surprises). So comment here with the username of the person who told you to join, and post and do all that great stuff. <3

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